Most Heartwarming Moments with Their Beloved Pets

1-Justin and Hailey Bieber:

Greetings from the Bieber Family!” captioned the “Peaches” singer alongside a cozy bed selfie featuring his wifey and their Yorkie pet

2-Tom Holland:

This list isn’t only about actors in Marvel movies, we promise. But let’s chat about our pal Tom Holland’s strong love for dogs.

The 21-year-old actor, who’s famous for playing young Spider-Man, really likes sharing pictures of dogs on Instagram. He has a Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Tessa, whom he got in 2014 when she was just a little puppy.

Holland loves Tessa a lot, and we love how much he loves her. He takes her to movie premieres, dresses her up as Spider-Man, and they even have video chats sometimes.

But Holland’s love for dogs isn’t only for his own pets. Do you remember when he found a lost dog and took it to the doctor? One day, he saw a dog on the street all by itself and told his Instagram friends about it.

He said, “If this is your dog, please tell us. We’re going to the doctor to make sure he’s okay.” After the doctor checked the dog, Holland said they found his owner’s information, and hopefully, the dog would be going back home soon

3-Michael Phelps:

When the person who’s won the most medals in the Olympics isn’t busy with his two sons’ Instagram accounts, Boomer and Beckett, he’s also sharing stuff about the family dogs, Juno and Legend.

The Phelps family really enjoys swimming and having fun with their dogs, and the pictures are always super cute.

4-Ariana Grande:

Ariana Grande really loves rescue dogs. In 2017, she had nine of them! They all have unique names like Toulouse, Ophelia, Cinnamon, Coco, Lafayette, Sirius, Strauss, Pignoli, and Fawkes. Some fans think Fawkes might not live with Grande anymore, but that’s just some guesswork from fan websites

5-Bryan Greenberg

The star from “The Mindy Project,” who’s married to actress Jamie Chung, named his dog something really cool: Ewok Greenberg.

He loves Ewok so much and isn’t afraid to tell everyone. He shares cute updates about their fun times together every day.